District297 will host a webinar about the relations within the Dutch Kingdom

ORANJESTAD - On Thursday, October 8, District 297 will host an informative online session titled “One Kingdom: Four Countries” at 12:30 pm.

Logo DISTRICT297Webinar - One Kingdom Four CountriesThe debate about the position of Aruba within the Kingdom is not new. Based on the complex history of Aruba in the Kingdom, this topic is not easy. Aruba, as a country within the Kingdom, is currently engaged in another debate given the ongoing negotiations with the Netherlands. During the webinar, experts in this field will address the constitution of the Kingdom, BES Islands, the position of Aruba within the European Union, and the significance of becoming an EU Outermost Region.

The panel consists of: 

  • Mildred Schwengle - State Counselor in the Dutch Kingdom;
  • Glenn Thodé: former Lt. Governor of Bonaire;
  • Eddy Paris: representative of the Government of Aruba in the European Union;
  • Dr. Gohar Karapetian: an independent researcher of all matters related to Aruba and the European Union.

The webinar is for anyone interested in the legal status of the ABC islands, and BES islands within the Dutch Kingdom, and the European Union. District297 hopes that the session will initiate public conversations with information on this matter.

For registration for the webinar, please visit District297 (https://www.facebook.com/district297/) on social media.

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