DNM presents the project “Conoce Nos Matanan” complementing the program “Midi nos Matanan”

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ORANJESTAD - This year, the Department of Nature and Environment DNM continues to share information about the species protected by article 1 (AB 2017 no 48) of the National Decree protection of indigenous flora and fauna with the program, “Conoce Nos Matanan.”

The DNM is responsible for making policies concerning our nature and environment in Aruba. It also raises awareness about subjects related to nature and the environment.

The project, “Conoce Nos Matanan,” focuses on the flora and consists of reports and social media posts with designs focussing on all the aspects of protected trees by article 1 of this law (AB 2017 no 48).

Teco (bromelia humilis)Zeekraal (Salicornia perennis)The DNM will make designs containing the tree species and publish these with the local   (if available), and scientific names. It illustrates the trees' beauty with a good photo from their collection or sent in by collaborating photographers. The DNM will share these photos with the community to educate everyone about the tree. If the tree has a specific function for the local ecosystem, they will also mention it. In some cases, the DNM will give the trees location for the community to see, take photos, and measure them as part of the "Midi nos Matanan" project. They will also learn to identify the tree in other locations and mark these on a map.

How to do this?

The participation of the community in this scientific project, "Midi nos Matanan," is essential for the data collection of our native trees and their value. The project is available on www.dnmaruba.org under the tab ‘Enquete’. Click on ‘registra matanan’ and proceed with the steps.

Both projects are different. The  “Conoce Nos Matanan” project designs have a # (hashtag) in the post on social media, making it easier for the public to find when searching on DNM social media platform.

Zjiron (Crateva tapia) Wayaca Macho (Guaiacum sanctum)The DNM appreciates anyone who has photos of protected trees to include #dnmaruba and #conocenosmatanan in their posts to expose them and expand the collection of photographs.

At the end of the awareness project of the protected flora, they will start with the protected fauna, which consists of animals protected by the same law (AB 2017 no 48). More is available on dnmaruba.org

The designs will be created based on the availability of photographs of the species and may not be in the same sequence as the list stated in the law. There are also some incorrect or changed names, but DNM and the Department of Legislation and Legal Affairs (DWJZ) will revise and adapt. 

The DNM shares four designs published with the project “conoce nos matanan,” with this article. The first was the Zjiron, followed by the Wayaca Macho, Zeekraal, and this week, the Teco.

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