DNM requests teen to measure and register trees during the school holidays

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 22-08-2020.

ORANJESTAD – The Department of Nature and Environment (DNM) wants the youth to contribute with their citizens' scientific project during the school holidays.

During the ongoing school holidays, many families are not traveling abroad but rather enjoy a staycation in Aruba. They stay at home with the family and do many activities together. Many choose to hike, go to the beach or visit the cultural heritage, and many more. Many also attend vacation camps where a lot about Aruba’s nature is being taught. The DNM is calling teens to help with two surveys during this vacation while exploring the island, to assist in the collection of data, a so-called citizens' scientific project. The survey aims at getting data like measurements of trees all around the island. This will help with the registration of the many trees that can be protected species or can be enlisted as protected species in the future based on the characteristics like size, type etc. The second survey is for the registration of owls or owls’ nests. This will help the DNM with accurate data so they can put up warning signs.

The surveys are:

  1. Department of Nature and Environment Citizens’ Scientific ProjectMeasure our trees: https://arcg.is/1n154a
  2. Owl survey: https://arcg.is/0bHDLu 

The tree measurement survey includes extra requirements making it more interesting for the teens.

This is the measurement of the circumference of the trunk starting at the base with a measuring tape up to 1.50 meters high. The branches should also be measured at the same height. It also includes taking pictures of the tree, the leaves, fruits, flowers, etc. for the identification of the species.

The Owl survey is for the location registration and photos of the owl and or nest. One of the DNM collects enough data, they can place warning signs.

The DNM hopes that the teens get to enjoy the Aruba nature during the school holidays and kindly reminds everyone to enjoy but also respect our nature. Take plenty of photos and enjoy to the max, but do not take anything home. There are 18 protected flora and fauna areas, besides the 4 marine parks that need to be protected and the long list of flora and fauna protected by law. Abiding the laws we can guarantee our nature for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.

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