DPL reintroduced Labor Market Registration effective November 1, 2020

ORANJESTAD - The Department of Labor Progress (DPL) has three subdivisions: Job placement and Reintegration (Job-center), Labor Market Registration (AMR), and Advice Admission Labor Market (Admission).

The work of the Labor Market Registration (AMR) is based on the demand (list of personnel needed) indicated by employers through the Labor Market Registration form.

This helps the DPL to work on projections of the demand and labor supply for the coming year. This is important for the DPL to be able to work in advance with schools and educational institutions and employers in preparing enough skilled local employees.


The DPL urges employers to submit the Labor Market Registration form as detailed and complete as possible, as employers can always adapt the list along the way if deemed necessary. These adaptations may include those depending on projects requiring more or specific personnel, which can be difficult to anticipate. Changes to the list are always possible, as long as they are real changes.

You can find the requirements to submit the Labor Market Registration list on the first page of the form of a checklist. Employers should comply with all the corresponding requirements of their labor sector to be able to submit the form and receive approval.

New Form

To make the process of labor market registration more effective and in compliance with the Covid-19 protocols, the DPL has made the AMR form available for download online on their website www.dpl.aw for each of the four sectors

To submit the 2021 form, employers have to make an appointment by email:

dpl.arbeidsmarktregistratie@aruba.gov.aw. Once a company makes an appointment   and submits the form by email, DPL will provide a digital proof of submission if all the filled information is correct. This may take up to 10 business days or more (during this period the DPL inspect the company for more info) before the employer receives the approval notification.

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