DVG reminds travelers to get their vaccine on time

ORANJESTAD - The Department of Infectious Disease (DBZ) of the Department of Public Health reminds those traveling to certain countries that require vaccines to make their appointment in time to get their shot.

The DBZ provides Covid-19 vaccines and others like Yellow Fever, Meningococcal, and Hepatitis. People traveling soon for pleasure,  business, medical reasons, or higher education should inquire timely if the destination they are traveling to requires a vaccine to be allowed entry.

Required vaccines when traveling abroad.The DBZ is currently confronting a situation where travelers contact the DBZ 1 or 2 days before their traveling date for a vaccine. It causes congestion in their services, whereas the traveler is not adequately protected the first days abroad. All vaccines require an average of 10 days after being administered to get the best protection. That is why it is essential for people traveling in the upcoming weeks or months, and require a vaccine, to make an appointment by email to admindbz@dvg.aw or by calling 5224239 or 5224241 at least three weeks in advance.

AZV patients waiting on the travel approval and whose destination requires a vaccine should make their appointment as soon as possible and not wait until the AZV approves the medical travel. Traveling to Colombia requires the Yellow Fever vaccine administered once in your life and provides lifelong protection. Traveling to the Amazon Rainforest region requires more vaccines.

It is essential to get your required vaccines in time.

To find out the required vaccine at each destination, please visit:

For more information, follow and like the Facebook page Directie Volksgezondheid DVG Aruba, or visit www.dvg.aw , call 5224200 or send an email to servicio@dvg.aw.

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