Earth Day 2021 not only a one-day movement

ORANJESTAD - The very first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970. However, the date of April 22 was not only chosen as a celebration date but rather as a movement to promote the environment.

Today we celebrate that 51 years ago this date was marked to serve as an inspiration and to create awareness, to protect and appreciate world nature and environment. The Department of Nature and Environment joined this movement to help create awareness on a variety of subjects.

Earth dayThe organization is the biggest global organization working for the movement of the environment. Its mission is to diversify, educate and activate globally. It works with over 750,000 partners in 192 countries to create environmental democracy. This event is considered the biggest civic event in the world with over 1 billion participants per year. This is the second year this event is held virtually consisting of 3 days of virtual events.

Earth Day started on April 20 with the messages of young activists like Gretha Thunberg for humanity. There was also an event of the HipHop Caucus organization, whereas on April 21 there were different events on the platforms for educators addressing environment themes. On April 22 digital events like workshops, panel discussions, and special presentations were held focussing on this year’s theme “Restore Our Earth™”. This theme will be extended to address a variety of subjects like climate restoration technology, reforestation, regenerative agriculture, equality justice, environment, and human science. This year the Earth Day events will go hand in hand with the Global Climate Summit under the USA’s Biden Administration. This is a very promising step towards the global summit during which the environment will be addressed. Earth Day 2021 was streamed live on

What can you do for mother earth?

 Join the movement. Find information about the important subjects, and share these on social media with others. Make contact with those who profile themselves on this matter and start debates on the current environmental situation with your local community. Reuse materials, commit yourself to reduce energy, and more importantly, contribute by planting a tree and take care of it. Educate the children to love and respect the environment and nature. If everyone contributes, it will push local and world leaders to make the right decisions for the benefit of our planet.

History of Earth Day:

The idea of Earth Day came from the US Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson, after witnessing a huge oil spill in 1970 in California. Besides, he was but also inspired by the anti-war movement at the time. He realized that through public awareness campaigns regarding air, water, and land pollution, he was able to get the discussion on the environment on the political agenda. The very first Earth Day helped create the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) and to enact legislation for clean air and water, as well as the protection of animals.

The DNM urges everyone to find more information and to make a difference and help planet earth on   

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