Economic Census 2023

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ORANJESTAD - The Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS) announces the Economic Census 2023, from April 14, 2023, to the end of June 2023. This census will count all businesses and foundations in Aruba.

The surveyors will ask companies practicing economic activities to submit data related to their economic activities, such as products or services, and the products or services that weigh the most in their operations.

The survey also includes collecting data about employment, such as personnel size, total payroll, and available job vacancies. The questions also cover the use of digital platforms like advertisement and sales of products online.

Logo Economic Census 2023Companies in the agriculture sector, fishery, and livestock will receive additional questions due to the importance given to this sector.  The Economic Census 2023 has many goals. A goal is to obtain an overview of all established physical companies/ foundations active in Aruba and the economic structure in Aruba. The collected data will help CBS update its business registry. With the collected data, the CBS department of National Accounts can comply with the international National Account standards, which will be updated in the new manual of the SNA2025 of the United Nations.

This survey is crucial to collect a new Supply and Use Table (SUT) to help calculate the GDP correctly and be more up-to-date.

In addition to these goals, the Economic Census makes it possible for the CBS to report economic data to international organizations like the World Bank and the United Nations, according to internationally set standards.

The Economic Census will be executed in a digital format using tablets starting April 14, 2023. CBS will assign the surveyors to approach all active businesses/foundations with economic activities. The surveyors will conduct the interviews with the entity's representatives either on the spot or by appointment, preferably in the same week as approached. 

It is essential for the entity's representative to be well-informed about all aspects of the business/foundation. Preferably, the representative are charge of the finances.

CBS will publish all collected data exclusively in aggregated form. CBS guarantees the privacy of all businesses as stated by law.

In early April 2023, the checklist will be created for all information needed for the Economic Census and shared with all businesses and foundations so that they can collect the information in time to complete the survey t quickly and efficiently. It is possible to complete the survey entirely online, and the checklist will be available for download on the CBS website.

Should any company/foundation require an informative session about the Economic Census 2023, please request this by email at For more information, contact CBS during regular business hours at 524-7433 or online at

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