Economic Outlook 2023-2024

ORANJESTAD - The Department of Economic, Commerce, and Industry (DEACI) published the Economic Outlook 2023-2024.

Economic Outlook 2023-2024The Economic Outlook provides analysis and forecasts of Aruba.'s economic indicators and growth. For the compilation of the Economic Outlook, they use different data sources from various institutions, like the Central Bank of Aruba, the Central Bureau of Statistics, the Department of Finance, the Tax Department, the Aruba Tourism Authority, the Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association, the Aruba Airport Authority, the Social Insurance Bank Aruba and the Department of Labor and Research.

In addition to these institutions, they also interview some organizations to discuss their perception of the economic situation of Aruba. Not only their perception of the current economic conditions is being requested, but also what the crucial investment plans and risks are for the current and coming years for various projects on the island. At last, the DEACI holds regular meetings with the Commission Macro Model members to present and discuss the assumptions, estimations, and forecasts before publishing the Economic Outlook.

You may find more information in the following document:

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