Eddy Werleman and Tisa Lasorte appointed as mediators

ORANJESTAD - Last week the Governor of Aruba, His Excellency Alfonso Boekhoudt, held several consultations with advisors and with the leaders of the political parties that obtained one or more seats in the Parliament during the elections of June 25. 

Following these discussions, on Monday, July 5, the Governor appointed Mr. Eddy Werleman and Ms. Tisa LaSorte as informers. They were asked to explore the possibilities for the formation of a stable Cabinet that enjoys the confidence of the largest possible majority in the States. 

Governor of Aruba, H.E. Alfonso Boekhoudt, Tisa LaSorte en Eddy Werleman The Cabinet should be able to reach a common policy, aimed at the financial and socio-economic recovery of Aruba, in particular the further interpretation and implementation of the Land package Aruba. In doing so, it is important that the Cabinet starts working on a number of urgent matters as soon as possible. 

If it turns out that such a cabinet can be formed, the mediators should then induce the political parties involved to sign a declaration of readiness. In this document, the parties declare their willingness to form a coalition government together. 

Mr. Werleman and Ms. LaSorte have accepted this informational assignment. No later than July 12, 2021, the informers must report in writing to the Governor on the outcome of the assignment. 

Photos: © Cabinet Governor Aruba

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