EduArts is participating in the Expo at the library

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ORANJESTAD - Students of EduArts attending the painting classes from Natusha Croes will participate in the Biba Natura-Lesa Expo at the National Library.

Natusha's students have created three colorful and expressive art pieces measuring 1,5 m x 1,5 m. They express their ideas about nature and care for our environment in the art composition. These students participated in the Aruba Art Fair last week. EduArts Fine Arts Elementary & Middle School is open every Wednesday and Thursday from 11:30-1:30 pm.

The Expo is open for children of all ages until December 2 during regular library hours. In addition to the three art pieces, there will be pieces from 20 other artists, artisans, and photographers. The art pieces emphasize the beauty of nature, the love for nature, and the need to care for it in a way that everyone understands and appreciates.

Participating artists are Ad Rekkers, Anita Huygen, Carmen Tujeehut, Gina Jie Sam Foek, Ilse Knijn, Janine Flanegin, Cream of Wu, John Gray, Students of FAMA schooled by King Lie Kwie. Students of EduArt who received classes from Natusha Croes, Nimia Geerman, Omaira Silva, Paul Wong, Robby Solognier, Roelie Groenewegen, Sheila Werleman, Sjoerd Canninga, Vanessa Paulina and Yndirah Luydens.

The Expo is located in the Expo Hall of the National Library in Oranjestad and is open to the young and old. Admission is free.

EduArts is participating in the Expo at the library.    EduArts is participating in the Expo at the library.    EduArts is participating in the Expo at the library.

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