Environmental unfriendly products banned by law as per July 1, 2020

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ORANJESTAD - Plastic pollution has been a global issue for many years. Countries all around the globe have been putting effort into minimizing the use of “single-use” plastic products that are the culprit of plastic pollution.

Alternatives for plastic productsAruba did not stand on the sidelines but stepped into the fight against this global threat. In 2018, the Minister of Spatial Development, Infrastructure, and Environment announced a new law banning single-use plastic products (including biodegradable and compostable products), Styrofoam products (polystyrene) and any Oxybenzone containing products.

Choose zero awarenes campaign products that are harmful to the environment  The implementation of the new law had a transitory period and as of July 1, 2020, the law is in effect after a long period of awareness campaigns. The Covid-19 crisis caused some delays in the execution process of the new law but distributors have managed to meet the deadline of July 1, 2020, and as of today, there should be no more Styrofoam products available. With the execution of this law, we all contribute to a cleaner environment in Aruba for generations to come.

Since 2018, the Government of Aruba launched an awareness campaign called “Choose Zero” focusing on the banned products.

Dead bird with stomach full of plastic wasteThe effective date of July 1, 2020, was announced by the DNM to give businesses enough time to switch to environmentally friendly versions. Unfortunately, 2020 started with the COVID-19 pandemic, which stalled the communication process of the awareness campaigns and information.

The Minister of Spatial Development, Infrastructure, and Environment addressed all the concerns of the distributors including the concern of the execution date of the new law. The crisis also hindered the sales of the stocked products and the Government will consider this factor.

Plastic wasteThe Government of Aruba will focus in the upcoming period on awareness campaigns to permanently eliminate all environmental unfriendly products in Aruba and will soon present the processes and entities that will be enforcing this new law.

There are many eco-friendly options available and stores, consumers and organizations have to adapt to the alternatives that do not harm the environment. The awareness campaign ‘Choose Zero’, will continue for a while until the objective is reached.

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