Environmental unfriendly products will be banned starting July 1, 2020

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ORANJESTAD - In 2018, the Ministry of Spatial Development, Infrastructure, and Environment presented a law concept that prohibits the use of some products that are harmful to the environment in Aruba (AB2019 no.67).

Ad National ordinance prohibition environmentally harmful products)The banned products are:

  1. Single-use plastic;
  2. Single-use foam products “polystyrene”;
  3. Oxybenzone containing sunblock;
  4. Outdoor use of balloons and plastic confetti. This is stipulated in art. 17 in the law and according to the General Police Ordinance (APV) art. 55a (AB1995 no GT8).

In December of 2019, the Department of Nature and Environment (DNM) announced a transitory period for the introduction of the new law which was planned to be officially enforced on July 1, 2020.

A few weeks ago the DNM, Department of Economic Affairs, Commerce and Industry, and their subdivision IDEA, informed the commercial sector about the upcoming changes in the law which will benefit our environment and is fit for our nature and community.

Worldwide many awareness campaigns are being held to inform the communities about the reduction or complete stop of single-use plastic products. Awareness campaigns will also be intensified in Aruba to change the mentality as well as habits which translates in creating much more waste which in turn affects marine and terrestrial life.

Many scientific studies have shown that the chemical compound “Oxybenzone” is toxic to corals and marine life.

What is banned?

  • Single-use plastic bags with or without a handle;
  • Bags granted at the airport are excluded as part of the airport security;
  • Grocery bags at supermarkets for fruits and vegetables;
  • Single-use plastic or foam cups (polystyrene);
  • Single-use plastic cutleries like knives, forks, and spoons;
  • Plastic straws. Plastic straws used at the Hospital are exonerated due to medical use;
  • Single-use plastic or foam (oxybenzone) plates;
  • Drink stirrers;
  • Single-use plastic/foam(polystyrene), like foam boxes with or without cover used to store food at fast food/ restaurants, supermarkets, and food trucks for immediate use;
  • Oxybenzone containing sunblock;
  • The use of balloons and plastic confetti outdoors. These cannot be released in the air since they can end up in the ocean. Balloons should be used responsibly.

What does this ban entail?

This ban entails the import, production, sale, distribution, and the giving of the above-mentioned products.

This law is well-substantiated and has a solid base. The commercial sector and community were provided enough time to adapt to the new law. There are many alternatives and ecologic friendly products that do not harm the environment. This law will assure a healthier environment for the next generation.

The DNM urges everyone to adapt their consumption and purchasing behavior. The community can use alternative durable or natural products.

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