EPI students helping with the Covid-19 vaccination campaign

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ORANJESTAD – A group of students of the Colegio EPI’s unit Healthcare and Service, are helping with the national Covid19 vaccination campaign.

From left to right: Jaylee Gutierrez, Kebdra Regis, Jealine Rivera, Shariënne Winterdaal, Angelica Diaz and Ralaquecha Joseph in the practice room of Colegio EPI.Shariënne Winterdaal administering the COVID-19 vaccineThese are students in their final year of their Intermediate Vocational Education at the EPI and doing their internship, where they are being prepared for their future profession in healthcare. They are set in at the vaccination center in Santa Cruz, where they are being supervised by the DVG professionals. They are working in the team called “pullers and prickers” where the pullers fill the syringes with the Covid19 vaccine while the pricker administers these vaccines to each individual.

Naïr Kelly, a student in the final exam year of Nursing Level 4, is the care coordinator at this vaccination center. She started her internship last year at the DVG, just before the beginning of the pandemic in Aruba. Over the past year, she received quality training and gained plenty of experience, and can now guide her co-students. Jaylee Gutierrez,

Kendra Regis and Jealine Rivera preparing the syringes.Kendra Regis, Jealine (Samantha) Rivera, and Shariënne Winterdaal are studying Nursing while Angelica Diaz and Ralaquecha Joseph are studying for Caregivers.

From left to right: Jealine Rivera, Kendra Regis, Angelica Diaz, Jaylee Gutierrez, and Naïr Kelly at the vaccination center in Santa Cruz.Together they are making a difference in the fight against Covid19 while completing their internship and which will help them reach their diploma.

By the end of each week, they go back to campus at Colegio EPI and report back to their mentor Mrs. Myloushka Wernet-Burleson, to make sure they are on the right track.

Colegio EPI is very grateful to the DVG for the opportunity given to their students to gain practical experience while completing their internship. The EPI is also very proud of the trust given by the DVG in the EPI students and the education provide by the EPI to each student, reaffirming the quality of education’s value for the community and where the sole objective is the form professionals and personalities.

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