Essential rules for Covid testing at the LABHOH

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 17-02-2022.

ORANJESTAD – The Department for Public Health (DVG) announced some essential rules for Covid testing at the LabHOH.

Recently the amount of Covid cases has increased. However, they are currently showing a downward trend. The LabHOH is testing between 1000 to 1500 persons daily at the Hospital.

Each test has a price tag, and someone who tested positive once can still test positive even after having no more symptoms and not being infectious. In other words, if you were positive once for Covid19, there is no need to test until testing negative. Employers and schools need to be aware that it is not required to demand a negative test from those who recently recovered from Covid to be allowed back at work or school.

Covid –testLogo LABHOHOnce you have recovered from Covid19, there is no need to test again for work or school. Those who are positive should follow the guidelines provided by email from the DVG; after five days of isolation and no further symptoms, the person can return to work or school. If there are still symptoms after the five days of isolation, the individual should report this using the link provided by email by the DVG.

Self-testing after the five days of quarantine at your own expense is not needed. If you no longer have symptoms after five days, you can return to work. If an employer or school demands to show a negative test result, this is not by the AZV. PCR testing is always possible at private labs but at one own expense. 

Covid testing is essential but has to be done consciously. This process is intensive and should be done carefully and precisely for trustful results.

Please be responsible and comply with the social distancing in public places, wear face masks and use hand sanitizers and wash hands frequently. Let’s push the positive cases back.

If you have any respiratory symptoms and have not tested positive yet for Covid over the past 30 days, please isolate and schedule an appointment for your test. To request a test contact your family physician or 280-0101 for your code or on With this code, you can make your appointment on the Aruba Health App.

For more information, please call 522-4200 or 280-0101

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