Every child is born with rights, regardless of their circumstances!

ORANJESTAD - On November 20, 1989, world leaders adopted the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Good health and well-being are not just a necessity but an essential right for every child/young person in Aruba, according to Article 24.

International Children's Rights Day. Every child has the right to food and good health care, which the Youth Health Care (Jeugdgezondheidszorg or JGZ) also reinforces in its vision. Aruba has been a part of the Convention on the Rights of the Child since 2001 to safeguard the health and complete development of every child/young person in Aruba so they can all have a healthy life.

JGZ, as part of the Department of Public Health (Directie Volksgezondheid or DVG), focuses on holistic development and health (emotional, mental, physical, social, and the essence of life) of every child/young person from birth to adolescence. The JGZ advocates for every child and young person from birth as 'The Right Holders of Aruba!' Soon, JGZ will publish its annual report (2021-July 2023) on the DVG website, where one can consult the results regarding the health and well-being status of children/young people.

For more information, like the Facebook page Directie Volksgezondheid DVG Aruba, follow DVG on Instagram at directie_volksgezondheid_aruba, visit www.dvg.aw, call 5224200, or send an email to servicio@dvg.aw.

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