Execution agenda "Landspakket" for the 3rd quarter of 2022

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ORANJESTAD - On Thursday, June 16, the Government of Aruba signed the Execution Agenda of the "Landspakket" (country package) for the third quarter of 2022.

The Landspakket is an agreement between Aruba and the Netherlands signed in November 2020. It refers to the required efforts that the Aruban Government needs to comply with for fiscal reform and a more resilient and robust economy.

According to Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes, there are agreements made in 8 different areas;

  1. Public Finances;
  2. Personnel expenses and other expenses;
  3. Taxes;
  4. Financial Sector;
  5. Economic Reforms;
  6. Care;
  7. Education;
  8. Justice.

This Landspakket system requires new agreements for each quarter. It includes a roadmap toward the final objective, which is a very ambitious goal and not something reached in a blink of an eye. For each quarter, clear agreements are made for each step towards the objectives.

Execution agenda According to the Prime Minister, for the third quarter, July, August, and September. they agreed on a total of 48 tasks.

Public Finances:

For the third quarter, the Government will work on a fixed budget and annual report model. There are different other subjects in the finance column that run from the beginning of the year to the end. It includes the subsidy policy. In Aruba, many entities rely on Government subsidies, and the Government needs to revise which of these entities they should invest more.

Personnel costs:

The Prime Minister stated that they are working on a very extensive roadmap that includes all personnel aspects, including the evaluation process of public workers, and how they are compensated and promoted. In the third quarter, the Government will have a consultation session with the stakeholders concerning this roadmap. They will also improve the policy in case of a lack of integrity among public employees.


The Government is working on fiscal reform. In this quarter, the Government needs to take the plunge with this matter and decide in which direction they want to go with the tax system.

Financial Sector:

The Government is working on removing the red tapes for those who want to open a new bank account as this is a very complicated system in Aruba. The process must be easy and fast.

Economic reforms :

The Government is working on the list of required permits\ when establishing a business in Aruba. Currently, business owners get their permits from multiple government departments. The Government wants to centralize this and have only one department handle the business permit. The Government will focus more on the local market and the current social system. The labor market needs to be synchronized with social welfare to provide more protection to the employees.


The Government will put more effort into working together and acquiring drugs and medical equipment collectively to reduce the costs.


The final report of the screening will soon be ready and based on the findings, the Government will take action.


The Government will enforce the rule of law and seek ways to work together with other countries. The government will focus more attention on Gaming Board to have a better overview and control of all aspects of gaming in Aruba.

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