Exercise improves general health and our immune system

ORANJESTAD – In connection with the awareness campaign “Boost your defense”, the Department of Public Health (DVG) wants to emphasize that our best defense against diseases is our way of living. 

Boost your defense – physical activitiesThe way we live determines the ability of our bodies in their defense against harmful bacteria and viruses.

Many studies have proved that regular exercise improves physical and mental health.

To start exercising you do not need a gym membership or a team. You can exercise at any moment and basically at any location. You can plan with family members or friends to hike in nature. Go swimming and enjoy our beaches more often. Try to incorporate exercise in your daily life.

We can encourage you to follow webinars or online training to learn more or for a bit more personal training. To make sure you are doing the right movements and you can always go to a gym of choice.

Get up and walk it off! Invest in body and mind. Try to sit less in your free time. Work more outside, do yard work and interact with your neighbors, etc.

Let us take care of ourselves and our loved ones. Let us boost our defense!




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