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ORANJESTAD - The National Library of Aruba has been working hard to keep providing many of its services to the public.

Borrow books from my chairAmong others, they expanded their digital collection (http://bna.aw/digital) with almost 15 thousand items, including newspapers like Bon Dia, Awe Mainta, Solo di Pueblo and books from local authors. The digital newspapers are available directly under the link http://bna.aw/digital/corant

The library also provides its members the opportunity to borrow E-books from the extensive collection available on www.onlinebibliotheek.nl.

In order to make it easier for subscribers to find what they are looking for, they created an integral search bar.

Here users can search in the automated catalog, in the digital collection, and on the website. The Library is currently switching from the current book borrowing system to OCLC, (Online Computer Library Center). Now users can borrow books in the commodity of their homes, making it easier to find books improving the library’s service.

Please visit www.onlinebibliotheek.nl to find your favorite books.

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