Exprodesk invites all businesses to exhibit local products on the webpage “Aruba Showcase” of Exprodesk

The Department of Economic Affairs, Commerce and Industry invite all businesses that make local products to participate and exhibit them on the webpage of Exprodesk, “Aruba Showcase”. 

Webpage Aruba showcase.If you are a local enterprise, this is your opportunity to showcase your business and products.

“Aruba Showcase” is a webpage on the website Exprodesk that showcases local products from businesses:

To consider your business or products as locally made, you have to comply with the following requirements: 

  • The local business must be registered at the Chamber of Commerce and has a business license from the Department of Economic Affairs, Commerce and Industry, if applicable;
  • the product must be completely original from Aruba (raw materials and the final product must be made, transformed, and processes in Aruba);
  • if the product is not originally from Aruba, it must be transformed/ processed in Aruba (The raw material can be from abroad, but the final product must be made/ transformed/ processed in Aruba).

Sharon Meijer-van der Linden, Policy Advisor Foreign Economic Relations and Business Advisor Exprodesk, Department of Economic Affairs, Commerce and Industry and intern Chester Hill. To register, you must send to e-mail to: s.meijer@deaci.aw. Please include in your mail:

  • Description of the product (maximum 25 words);
  • picture of the product;
  • contact information;
  • letter of consent filled out and signed.

The goal of the “Aruba Showcase” is to help local businesses grow and export their products and services to clients around the world. It will it can help the business owners’ families and will also help to promote Aruba’s economy.

For more information about “Aruba Showcase”, and how to participate, you may contact Sharon Meijer via: s.meijer@deaci.aw.

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