Exprodesk with multiple projects to stimulate the economy within the creative sector

ORANJESTAD – Exprodesk is a unit of the Department of Economic Affairs, Commerce, and Industry that assists and guides local companies export their products and services.

As indicated in the economic plan, “A strong and resilient economy 2019-2022, Exprodesk is focusing this year to continue the development of one of the six promising sectors, in this case, the creative industry. Through workshops, training, mastermind meetings, and one-to-one coaching, Exprodesk prepares and guides participants with the making of their ’Export Action Plan’ before they start exporting their products or services. There are currently three projects taking place to help stimulate the economy in the creative sector.

Creative Industry Project – Music Market Ready 2020Music Market Ready 2020

This project is specifically for musicians and has a duration of four months. It will start with a general webinar; ‘The beat must go on’ which provides general information about the opportunities for musicians who want to generate income on the international market, important information for when musicians export their music, and information about the latest trends in connection with the Covid19 situation. The second part of the project, which runs for two months, is only accessible for a selected group. This consists of seven webinars providing information that is relevant for musicians when exporting their music.

Local experts will host these webinars. The third part of the project is a “one-to-one” coaching with Mr. Carlos Delgado Imbert that together with each participant will make an Export Action Plan for each participant. In the end, Mr. Delgado will make a report ‘Aruba Music Industry’ with recommendations for the musical industry of Aruba, based on his experience with the one-to-one coaching with the participants.

Creative Industry Project – Tech & Services without borders 2020Tech and Services without borders 2020

This project is for professionals in the field of Technology and Professional Services in the Creative Industry and has a duration of 4 months. Local and international experts will be giving this training.

The objective of this project is to help promote the possibilities to export outside of the Dutch Kingdom, encourage these companies to consider promoting their services outside of the Dutch Kingdom and guide them in this process. 

During these workshops, participants will receive training in export, product, or service marketing and how to prepare their products or services for export. Local experts and International speakers will provide training through virtual media. In the end, each participant one-to-one coaching to make his or her very own ‘Export Action Plan”. In the last part of the project, the participants will execute their “Export Action Plan” with the guidance of the Exprodesk and their export coach.

Creative Industry Project – Arte sin frontera 2020 (Arts without borders)Arts without borders 2020

This project has the same platform as the Tech and Service without borders 2020, but this is specifically for the Arts and Artisans. During 4 months, this group of Artisans will receive valuable information about documentation and international norms that are mandatory, guidance, and practical tips to export their products and services. Local and international experts will address the latest technology and new trends in the world of Arts and Craftsmanship to help local artisans compete in the international market despite not producing on a great scale. In the end, all participants will receive the “one-to-one” coaching to make their individual ‘Export Action Plan’ and will also receive guidance from the Exprodesk and export coaches with the implementation of their plan.

Logo ExprodeskExprodesk will help empower our artists

With these courses, Exprodesk helps empower the artists to start shaping the creative industry, one of the 6 promising sectors for the diversification of Aruba’s Economy. For more information, please visit www.deaci.aw.

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