Fall Course di BeYourOwnBoss started

ORANJESTAD – Recently, 17 participants started the Fall course of the program BeYourOwnBoss (BYOB).

Information session Fall Course BeYourOwnBoss.BYOB is a certification program on an MBO (associate degree) level, designed to help future entrepreneurs improve their business skills. Qredits Aruba and the EPI School organize this program.

Unlike the course that took place in February with a duration of 2 months, the Fall course has a duration of 3.5 months.

Information session Fall Course BeYourOwnBoss.The 17 participants will attend this course from September to December. This course consists of online classes during which participants will get instructions and guidance from professional educators who are experts in the modern business world. Mentors guided the participants to help with tasks and to reach the goals to complete the program. In the end, the participants must present their business pitches to receive their certificates.

Information session Fall Course BeYourOwnBoss.Colegio EPI and Qredits Aruba introduced this course in February with 32 participants, and everyone completed it. However, various persons were unable to participate in the first course because the seats filled up quickly. To meet this demand, Colegio EPI and Qredits Aruba decided to organize this course again, namely the fall course. After kicking it off with an information meeting, this course will take place two times a week in the afternoon/ night in the Colegio EPI Learning Center. 

For more information, visit the Facebook page of Colegio EPI and Qredits Aruba. You may also contact the Business Center of Colegio EPI at 525-8742 or via e-mail events@epiaruba.com.

Information session Fall Course BeYourOwnBoss.  Information session Fall Course BeYourOwnBoss.

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