FASE extended until December 2020 with new conditions

ORANJESTAD – The Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, Glenbert Croes recently announced they have extended the FASE program until December 2020.

The Minister emphasized that there are new terms to qualify for FASE for October, November, and December.

The following terms apply:

  • Each individual should reapply or extend the FASE before the10th of each month. Failing to do this on time means that only applications for the next month will be possible.
  • All information supplied should be correct, including bank information, identification number, etc. Providing incorrect information will result in the application being rejected and the individual has the opportunity to resubmit the correct information for the next month’s FASE.
  • In the event, an incorrect bank account number was provided and the payment was transferred to that account number, the FASE cannot be held accountable. Getting the money back on your account is your responsibility.
  • The sum for ZZP and employees is the set to Awg. 950,00
  • Applicants should have a valid permit. Persons who have their permit being processed for prolongation need to prove this with positive advice from the DPL or notification letter from the DPL.

Valid for Self-employed (ZZP):

  • If your business has reopened but is not providing the anticipated results, you as a self-employed business owner can apply for the FASE-ZZP showing proof of payments for BBO/BAZV/BAVP.
  • In the event the BBO/BAZV/BAVP declaration is nihil, the applicant will not qualify for the FASE-ZZP, since the BBO/BAZV/BAVP declaration should show a loss of income.

Did you receive FASE in the past?

  • You only need to complete the extension form available on www.fasehelpdesk.com
  • Have your bank card available for upload when extending your FASE application.
  • Provide an ID number (cedula) when completing the form.
  • Valid permit.
  • Must extend every month.

If applying for the very first time:

  • Fill out application form on www.fasehelpdesk.com.
  • Make sure all information is correct.
  • Take into account that they will reject your application form if it has incorrect information on it.
  • Apply every month.

As the Minister said: “Fase is here to help you. Please remember to re-apply for your October, November, and December FASE. Apply on time and be prudent and cautious when filling in your information correctly. We are here to help you but please help us help you, in order to have an easy and effective evaluation and scrutiny. If you meet all the requirements, you will receive FASE”.

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