FASE Helpdesk reminder: complete your application complete for fast processing

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ORANJESTAD –  The FASE Helpdesk reminds all applicants to complete your application for fast processing.

On March 19, 2020, Minister of Social Affairs, Glenbert Croes announced the introduction of FASE  Emergency Social Assistance Funds.

FASE provides relief to employees that have or will be losing either their job or parts of their income as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

Up to April 21, 2020, 10.640 persons have register and a total of 1433 businesses. Despite having many registrations, most are incomplete.

Requirements are Valid ID, Permit (if applicable), last payslip or last 2 payslips if paid fortnightly, employer’s letter stating the reason for layoff or income reduction, etc.

What to expect from FASE?

1. The FASE Helpdesk receives many applications for financial aid. In order to process all of the applications in a timely fashion, they are working even on weekends. The FASE team understands that applicants want to know if their application has been approved or denied. The FASE team will notify every single applicant by email whether approved or denied. Each application will be processed by the relevant entities like the SVB, DIMP (tax Department), DTP (for taxis and minibus), DAO, DPL, DIMAS (if needed), and will then be submitted to the approval commission.

2. FASE urges everyone that has already registered and those registering to make sure their application is complete. Complete applications will be processed quicker. Don’t forget that there are over 10.000 applications and many more are applying daily. Incomplete applications will cause unnecessary delays in the evaluation process.

3. Sole proprietorship, Liability Company (VBA) and Limited Company (NV)  can also apply for FASE but need to submit the following:

  • Chamber of Commerce Registration not older than 6 months;
  • Self Employed, musicians, taxi drivers, autobus drivers, artists, etc also have to include last 2 proof of payments for BBO/BAZV/BAVP;
  • FASE will verify that you are not the main shareholder and if you are considered an employee..

4. Should the application be denied, one can always apply for welfare at the Department of Social Affairs by calling 5281110. The Welfare law requires the following to qualify:

  • Must have Dutch citizenship;
  • Inscribed in the Civil Registry  for at least 3 years

Anyone not meeting these requirements is still eligible for assistance by the HIAS and Red Cross.

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