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ORANJESTAD – On April 23, 2020, Mrs. Sabine de Groot of the National Job Platform (PNT) in charge of the FASE helpdesk provided an update on the Emergency Social Assistance Fund FASE.

People that lost their jobs or income sent more than 11000 applications. In addition, 1500 companies have registered for this aid. So far, about 4000 applications were approved for the FASE funds.

On behalf of the FASE helpdesk, Mrs. de Groot explained the correct process for the registration for FASE in detail, including the importance of having a complete registration including all the requirements. Incomplete registrations can delay the approval process and delay any payments with all the consequences.

Here are the requirements once more:

  • Complete the registration;
  • Please answer the phone when the FASE Helpdesk calls;
  • Provide the correct bank account number; third party’s account is not possible;
  • Provide correct social security number
  • Provide correct ID number
  • Provide correct e-mail address
  • In case of doubt about the registration’s correctness, please call 280.0707 or
  • Email missing documents to documento@fasehelpdesk.com, including the registration number.

Mrs. de Groot explained that many applications were not complete and caused delays. They have a team of 10 motivated individuals to attend all incoming calls. Another team of 10 is in charge of calling applicants, but some do not answer or the telephone numbers they provided are incorrect. There were delivery failures for send emails, as the provided email addresses are also incorrect.

FASE helpdesk wants to help everyone; help us help you!

Please complete your application correctly to avoid delays, as it is sad that we cannot help you.

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