FASE is prolonged for the remainder of 2021until TIO comes into effect

ORANJESTAD – The Minister of Social Affairs and Labor announced on March 25, 2021 that the government will prolong FASE till the end of 2021 until TIO (Temporary Income Support) will come into effect.

More than 3700 persons get a FASE payment per month.

Update FASE March 25, 2021Contact information March 25, 2021Minister Glenbert Croes is thankful for all public employees, the parliament and ministers, because with the contribution of 12.% of the salary of civil servant and 25% of the Ministers and members of Parliament since March 19, 2020,  FASE is able to help many families who lost their income because of the pandemic.

The Minister also informed that the government will also prolong the COVID social assistance (welfare), provided by the Department of Social Affairs, until further notice.  

Update FASE March 25, 2021Extensions or new applications must be applied for each month. Anyone who already has a FASE ID, in other words, those who have already enrolled in FASE, must apply/request an extension every month. One can apply for the extensions of the FASE program from 1 to 10 of each month. If you do not apply for an extension, you will not receive FASE that month.

Make sure you provide the correct information to be eligible for FASE.


Update FASE March 25  2021

Update FASE 25 maart 2021

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