Friday, July 31 is the deadline for submission of the request expression of interest REOI 1 & 2

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 31-08-2020.

ORANJESTAD – The Government is reminding all interested parties that July 31, 2002, is the last day to submit their request expression of interest REOI 1 & 2 for the refinery.

At the beginning of June, the Prime Minister of Aruba, Evelyn Wever-Croes, announced that the Government is seeking investors/ operators for the refinery.

The search for the new operators or investors was officially announced on June 8, 2020, and was published in local and international media including the Government’s official websites, in the USA, and Europe. The announcement included all the requirements for the REOI-1 and the REOI-2.

REOI-1: operators can express interest in the reopening of the refinery or industry related to the refinery and energy, like LNG, petrochemical facility, or alternative energy.

REOI-2: investors are asked to express their interest in any new development (replacement industry) which would generate employment and economic development similar to that of the refinery.

Initially, everyone had 6 weeks period to submit his or her interest until July 17, 2020. The deadline was extended upon request to Friday, July 31 2020 for both the REOI-1 as the REOI-2.

The Prime Minister stated that this would be a crucial week for Aruba and the refinery.

Friday, July 31 2020 is the deadline and the notary at 15.00 hrs will announce all submissions for the REOI1 and REOI2. They will also announce the number of submissions received for both REOI1 as the REOI2. This will move Aruba to the next chapter, creating more perspective for future generations. Within a few weeks, the next partner in the development of Aruba will be announced. This is a transparent process, guaranteeing the integrity of the entire process and complying with the coalition agreement.

The Government of Aruba is confident that this procedure is the best alternative for Aruba.

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