Get the Aruba National Seal for your artisan work

ORANJESTAD - The Department of Culture (DCA) and the Aruba National Artisan Seal Commission are inviting all artisans to submit their new work that does not have the seal yet, for inspection.

Artwork with the Aruba National SealOn February 2 the first evaluation will take place by the commission and see if each piece meets the criteria to be eligible for the Aruba National Seal.

Artisans have until February 24 2021 at noon to submit their new unsealed work at the DCA.

Artwork with the Aruba National SealApplications for the seal are possible at the new address of the DCA in the John F. Kennedy Education Center located at the Stadionweg 37, right next to the Cas di Cultura.

To register for the Seal, Artisans have to complete the application form, show a valid form of ID, a pass-photo, and proof of address.

For more information about the Aruba National Artisan Seal including information about the application process for the SEAL, please contact the DCA at 582-2185.

Artwork with the Aruba National SealEligibility criteria for the Aruba National Artisan Seal:

  • Must be handmade (No machinery, simple tools)
  • Authentic original design
  • Consistency un (re) production of design and model
  • Degree of expertise in the traditional creation of the product
  • Product must be made in Aruba.
  • Degree of local material used
  • Degree in which the product reflects the techniques of the traditional artisan

Artisanship is an art form where creativity in art and culture comes to life. Let’s continue to contribute to our local artisanal products.

Thanks to the many artisans, that we have more and more local artisan pieces.

Cultura should be lived.

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