Government presents "Social Plan" to Trade Unions

ORANJESTAD - On November 6, 2023, the Minister of Tourism and Public Health, Mr. Dangui Oduber, held a meeting with representatives of the union for civil servants and private sector employees in Aruba (SEPPA) and organized public sector workers (TOPA).

It presented a "concept social plan" concerning the independence of the Department of Food Inspection and Hygiene (DWH), which currently falls under the Ministry of Public Health.

Government presents Social Plan to Trade Unions. The Department of Food Inspection and Hygiene (DWH) will become independent through a new entity called the Aruba Quality & Hospitality Authority (AQHA). The DWHs will tranfer its responsibilities to AQHA. This new entity will be responsible for permits related to vacation rentals and hotels. It will also process applications for restaurants and bars to ensure compliance with hygiene requirements and permit fees. The aim is to create a level playing field and generate revenue for the government.

This meeting provided an opportunity for union representatives to contribute with their input. After the presentation, the unions will convene with their members to collect their feedback. The concept is for this DWH unit to become a unique entity and take responsibility for the entire permit process related to vacation rentals. This entity will operate more efficiently and effectively. The objective is to maintain efficiency, compliance, safety, quality, and, most importantly, to make the process more transparent.

Within four weeks, more information will be provided regarding  the "draft social plan," pending feedback and comments from the union members, to proceed with the process and officially formalize the establishment of AQHA.

Government presents Social Plan to Trade Unions.   Government presents Social Plan to Trade Unions.

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