Government Program 2021-2025 – Aruba needs us all!

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ORANJESTAD - On Monday, November 22, 2021, the Wever-Croes Cabinet II signed the Government program “Aruba needs us all” for the 2021-2025 term.

For this significant occasion, all the cabinet members were present.

Prime Minister. Minister of General Affairs, Innovation, Government Organisation, Infrastructure and Spatial Planning, Mrs. mr. Evelyna C. Wever-Croes signs the 2021-2025 government program.Minister of Integrity, Nature, Transport and Elderly Care, mr. Ursell M. Arends signs 2021-2025 government program.After two months of governing, 63 days after the swearing-in of the ministers, the Ministers of the Wever-Croes II cabinet issued their vision for the 2021-2025 term.

With the new government term, Aruba's vision aims at sustainable prosperity and quality of life for its citizens.

The Cabinet Wever-Croes coalition consists of the political parties MEP and RAIZ. Their vision, objective, and principles are in accord with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Minister of Finance and Culture, Ms. Xiomara J. Maduro signs 2021-2025 government program.Minister of Labor, Integration and Energy, mr. Glenbert F. Croes signs 2021-2025 government program.To execute these objectives during the current governing term, they will focus their efforts within each ministry and the strict inter-ministerial cooperation to give Aruba a solid and stable Government. The commitment to serve our country is within our hearts, and its implementation is with cooperation. The key to success is promoting collaboration and participation of all involved and focusing on the common objectives to resolve problems and face the challenges.

Minister of Economic Affairs, Communication, Sustainable Development, mr. Mr. Geoffrey B. Wever signs 2021-2025 government program.Minister of Health and Tourism, mr. Danguillaume P. Oduber signs 2021-2025 government program.The government is aware of the many challenges and the limited opportunities but is also aware of the creative strength and innovative being of our citizens, and this is the key to success. A negative attitude will only let you see the challenges and issues, while a positive attitude will let you see more opportunities and solutions. Hence, the government faces the upcoming four years with positivism.

The vision, determination, and courage of the entire community will put us on the road of progress and welfare with a stronger and more resilient economy and a strong autonomy.

Minister of Justice and Social Affairs, mr. Rocco G. Tjon signs 2021-2025 government program.     Minister of Education and Sports, mr. Endy J. H. Croes signs 2021-2025 government program.

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