Health Passport may be required to travel to Aruba

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ORANJESTAD – When traveling to Aruba in 2021, you will be required to have two passports, one being a health passport.

Aruba is the first country to associate with the company developing this digital passport. This passport proofs that you are fit to travel and free of the coronavirus. According to the Public Health Minister, Dangui Oduber, Aruba is the first to participate in this project. It is innovative and Aruba is a frontrunner with this project.

How does it work?

This health passport contains a person’s non-sensitive health information. It includes information on whether you have been vaccinated or not and test results. This verification can be used for travel on airplanes or attend large events like concerts etc. The Common Trust Network, an initiative by Geneva-based nonprofit The Commons Project and the World Economic Forum, has partnered with several airlines including Cathay Pacific, JetBlue, Lufthansa, Swiss Airlines, United Airlines, and Virgin Atlantic, as well as hundreds of health systems across the United States and the government of Aruba.

It allows users to upload medical data such as a Covid-19 test result or, eventually, a proof of vaccination, generating a health certificate or pass in the form of a QR code that passengers show to authorities without revealing sensitive information. Based on your itinerary, the app lists health-pass requirements at the points of departure and arrival.

The Minister indicated that Aruba is a pioneer to create opportunities for travelers to travel again. This project will finalize by March 2021, and herewith, Aruba is one-step ahead in innovation and technology, while working hard in the recovery of tourism in Aruba and the economy. The Minister is grateful to the Ministry of Tourism, Public Health and Sports, ATA, DVG, FUTURA, and the Ministry of General Affairs.

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