Heintje Ras breaks world record by spending 100 days in an underground phosphate mine

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 12-02-2022.

ORANJESTAD – On January 10, 2022, in the presence of a multitude, Heintje Ras wrote history by remaining in an underground phosphate mine for 100 days.

The Guinness World Records recognized this record. The objective of this accomplishment was to raise funds and develop his local museum for the community and showcase the history of  Aruba.

Heintje Ras receives a plaque from the Minister of Justice and Social Affairs Rocco Tjong.Heintje RasThe government of Aruba awarded Heintje with an achievement plaque for his determination to remain 100 days underground.

What makes this achievement significant is that for 100 days, the community came together for a good cause, no matter political affiliation, and gave Heintje well-deserved support.

That is something positive during these difficult times of crisis and is proof that the community can come together for great causes.

Heintje Ras  Heintje Ras and the Minister of Justice and Social Affairs Rocco Tjong.  Heintje Ras

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