Help name the new plaza at the intersection of Wilhelminastraat and Columbusstraat

ORANEJSTAD – The government announces a contest to name a new plaza to honor a famous person of Oranjestad.

The plaza is at the intersection of Wilhelminastraat and Columbustraat, a popular spot in the city visited by locals and tourists

Wilhelminastraat and Columbusstraat Contest to name a new plaza to honor a famous person of Oranjestad.The government of Aruba is looking for proposals to celebrate and recognize a famous person of Oranjestad. It is essential that your proposal is something that resonates with the local community and has a profound meaning for the inhabitants and visitors of the city. If you have an idea for a name that meets the following criteria, you must register.

Criteria; There is a maximum of two words for the plaza name. The name must be original (without infringing on the author’s rights). It must reflect the culture, history and the meaning of Oranjestad. Controversial names and topics are not allowed. The ease of pronunciation and memorization will also be considered.

Wilhelminastraat and Columbusstraat Participation and eligibility: All interested persons can participate in this contest. Participating persons must be 18 years and older. They will only consider one proposal per person.

You must send your proposal with your registration. You must make a convincing short argument for you name’s choice, stating why this name is adequate and how it honors the culture and history of Oranjestad. The petition for a street name of plaza must be submitted to the Street name commission to get its support; among others, they must consult the inhabitants of the site. The criteria the street name commissions has when naming a street of plaza for a person is as follows:

  1. The person must be deceased or older than 85 years
  2.  The person the plaza is named for must has made a relevant contribution to the community
  3. The person must have done volunteer work that benefits the community, and not because it is their work and  work and they were paid for it.
  4. The person must a respected member of community with a strong affiliation with Otanjestad
  5. The existing street name will not change.
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