Holiday message from the Prime Minister of Aruba

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ORANJESTAD – Below you will find the message of the Prime Minister of Aruba for the holidays.

We are in the most beautiful time of the year, the time in which we remember the birth of Jesus. A time for family and gifts. The best gift I wish upon you in this holiday season is love, faith, hope and joy. Hopefully love, faith, hope and happiness can string along with us in these festive days. This difficult year is coming to an end, a year where a virus showed us how fragile we are, how vulnerable each one of us are, and how much we need one and other.

If there where discordance within families or among friends this is the time to solve these. The pandemic showed us how short live can be and the importance of having someone close to help in times of difficulty. Those who lost their job or income, please have faith and hope for improvement in the new year, with more economic opportunity on the way for Aruba.

Those who lost a loved one, know that your loved one is in a better place and hopefully beautiful memories can bring back a smile during these difficult days. Celebrate live with those still around in your live. The holidays are days in which we are used to have big celebrations with family. This year this is no longer possible. This year we need take a break from the traditional celebrations. The entire world is adapting for this celebration. Aruba is no exception. Thank God that the current situation in Aruba seems to be under control, but we are not out of the woods of a third wave yet. Danger still lurks. Every day we see new cases, which means that Covid-19 is still around.

Christmas card Prime Minister mr. Evelyn Wever-CroesSince the beginning of the pandemic, I entered your homes to provide information and to ask you, urge you to take care of yourselves and your family. Today I urge you to do the same. Please be extra careful during these festive days. Feel free to welcome guests at home but not as many as you are used to. Invite less guests at home and accept less invitations, visit less people, preferably those closer to you, those who really need your company.

When visiting or receiving guests, keep your face masks on and only take it off when drinking or eating.

If you receive guests, please wash your hands frequently and kindly ask them to do so as well. Use hand sanitizer and have this available for your guests to use as well when visiting.

If a family member feel sick, please do not accept visitors and do not visit others either. Stay home and contact your family physician immediately. This is applicable for those feeling ill, but during these particular days, also for the immediate family members.

These are the things we all need to consider during the upcoming days. They are not pleasant things, but it’s better to have a few unpleasant days compared to having days of pain and suffering at the hospital or in the intensive care. Aruba is one of the few countries that can still have a little celebration, Curacao and the Netherlands are not that lucky.

Never forget that the situation we are currently in, is thanks to the great sacrifice and efforts of each and everyone of us during the past months. Let’s not have all our efforts be in vain just for a simple neglect or need to party. We sacrificed our freedom, our jobs, our hobbies in order to keep ourselves safe. Lot’s of effort was done over the past months. All of that has put us in the situation where we can enjoy the holidays a bit more at ease. These sacrifices where done because we love ourselves, our family and Aruba.

May Christmas fill your hearts with peace and harmony and fill your homes with happiness. Merry Christmas”.

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