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ORANJESTAD – On September 15, 2021, IDEA organized a webinar titled “Tax Time" in collaboration with the Tax Department. 

The main speakers Mmes. Johrainne Lacle- Giron, Lisandra Lacle, and Ruthline Webb of the Tax Department.The main speakers were Mmes. Johrainne Lacle- Giron, Lisandra Lacle, and Ruthline Webb Tax Department, who presented the following topics:

Some of the topics covered during the workshop are:

  • Income tax vs profit tax;
  • Wage tax and social premiums;
  • Collective wage sheet y Collective statement of third parties;
  • New tax rules and Small Business Scheme (Kleineondernemingsregeling – KOR). 

Mrs. Judella Trim, Policy & Business Advisor Business Development Center of the Department of Economic Affairs, Commerce & Industry.After the presentation, the speakers answered all the questions of the participants satisfactorily.

The informative Webinar took place via the digital platform of Microsoft Teams with 60 participants. IDEA is happy with the content of the Webinar and the good comments they received from the participants after the conclusion of the webinar, as well as via email.

The events of IDEA are free of charge and intended for SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises) and for everyone who wants to start a business and educate themselves on different business topics.

IDEA thanks all the participants. A special thanks go to the Tax Department that shared their expertise with all who joined the webinar.

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