Income tax forms 2020 are on the way

ORANJESTAD - In the next few days, customers already registered with the Departamento di Impuesto (Tax office) will receive an income tax return form for 2020.

Official date

Income tax forms 2020 are on the way.The official date of issuance is August 2, 2021. According to the law, the deadline for filing the tax return form is October 4, 2021.

Deadline extension 

In addition to the legal deadline of two months, the Tax Office gives an automatic one-month extension. In this case, the latest filing date is December 6, 2021. One does not need to apply for this.  

Preparation of documents

To fill out the form carefully, one should use various documents such as annual income y expenditure 2020, such as annual salary, benefits by way of pension from work, old age, widow's or orphan's pension, income from rent, side work, interest statement from a bank or other credit institution, life insurance, proof of gift donations, proof of expenses incurred on behalf of children studying abroad, etc.

Building Tax DepartmentIndividuals with sole proprietorships must also prepare their 2020 financial statements, and if they are unable to do so themselves, they may use an advisor.

Legal obligation

Completing and submitting the form is a legal requirement. If one fails to do so, one runs the risk of being fined. Through the declaration of income, the client has the opportunity to exercise his right to deduct certain expenses. 

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