Increase minimum wage and wage limit Labor Ordinance 2013 effective January1, 2020

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 19-01-2020.

ORANJESTAD - Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor and the Department of Labour and Research announces the increase in the minimum wage and income limit for the application of the Labor Ordinance 2013 as per January 1, 2020.

The minimum wage of a worker who has reached the age of 18 years will be adjusted as per January 1, 2020, to Afl. 1.835,15 per month and Afl. 423,40 per week. For a domestic worker performing labor in a private residence, the minimum wage will be Afl. 846,92 per month. For a domestic worker laboring 22 hours or less per week, the minimum wage will be Afl. 9,45 per hour.

As a result of the minimum wage adjustment, the income limit for the application of the Labour Ordinance 2013 (Arbeidsverordening 2013) will also increase as per January 1, 2020. The Labour Ordinance regulates the working conditions such as the maximum working hours per day or week, rest days, overtime payments and payments on holidays. The Labour Ordinance does not apply to all workers, but only to those who fall under the income limit.

The new income limit as per January 1, 2020, will be Afl. 4.538,38 (the minimum wage Afl. 1.815,35 x factor 2,3). Workers who earn a monthly salary of Afl. 4.538,38 or an annual salary of Afl. 54.460,56 or less fall under the protection of the Labour Ordinance 2013 and are entitled to all the working conditions this law provides.

The Department of Labour and Research kindly requests all workers, and in particular, all employers to take due note of this adjustment.

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