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ORANJESTAD - On May 15, 2023, the Department of Economic Affairs, Commerce and Industry (DEACI), through their unit for Aruban Enterprise Development Initiative (IDEA) and in collaboration with their Business License Unit, organizes its workshop “Tips & Skills for Building an Entrepreneurial Team’.

Workshop Tips & Skills for Building an Entrepreneurial TeamThe facilitator was Mrs. Charisse Hoen-Daly, Marketing & Communications Coordinator at the University Of Aruba& Executive Director at E.E. Venture (E.E. (Engage & Empower) Venture), who presented the following topics: 

  • What do you need to be successful?
    • Everyone needs to be SEEN, HEARD & UNDERSTOOD
    • Work is not functional; we will only prosper if you build a strong relationship within the team and organization
  • A.M.O.R.-Model:
    •  Ability, Motivation, Opportunities & Relationship
    • Everyone has an inner burning bright FIRE
  • Mindset 1.0 to 3.0
    • Steps to achieve a GROWTH MINDSET
  • Psychological safety: Maslow’s hierarchy of needs applied to employee engagement
    • Survival – We know this is a basic need. 
    • Safety – When we have jobs, we need to know that they are secure. 
    • Belonging – People need to feel like they are part of a team, that they are a part of something bigger. 
    • Importance – This need dovetails into the “belonging” need in the sense that individuals need to feel like they are important to a team, projects, and the overall organization.
    • Self-Actualization – Most employees have some level of ambition and want to achieve more than, where they are currently positioned.
  • Five elements of Talent Management:
    • Invest in the mental health and in the well-being of the employees
    • Coach instead of managing
    • Collective activity
    •  Create the DANCE,
    •  Various assignments in groups of four to better grasp the learning material.

The workshop took place at the Department of Economic Affairs, Commerce and Industry with 13 participants.

Logo IdeaIDEA is very satisfied with the workshop topics and positive feedback from the participants. It was a very informative and captivating workshop about what team building entails. A deeply discussed topic was trust and flexibility in a company and the passion people must have to reach their goals in life and as a team.

IDEA dedicates all its events to SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises) and everyone interested in starting a business and wanting to be educated more on various commercial subjects.

They thank all the participants and Mrs. Charisse Hoen-Daly, for sharing her expertise. They also have as a guest their intern during this workshop Ms. Tiffeny Van den Bulck, an intern from Belgium at the University of Aruba.

For more information about the upcoming workshops and events, please follow @Idea-Aruba on Facebook.

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