International Biodiversity day 2020; Our solutions are in nature

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ORANJESTAD –May 22 was proclaimed by the United Nations as International Biodiversity Day to create awareness and understanding for topics on Biodiversity.

A few weeks ago, Aruba signed a decree for the protection of 16 natural areas for the protection of biodiversity.

Recently the world community received an unexpected call to re-evaluate our relationship with nature. One thing is certain, despite the technological advances we are still completely dependent on a healthy ecosystem for our water quality and food just to mention a few. This year’s focus on International Biodiversity Day is “Our Solutions are in nature” and focusses on hope, solidarity and the importance to work together on all levels to establish a harmonious life with nature in the nearby future.

International Biodiversity day 2020

The United Nations declared that now is the time to reconstruct for the better. 2020 is the year for reflection, opportunity, and solutions. It is also the year that the world needs a big push for a better global structure in which the curve of biodiversity loss is changed for the better. This will benefit humanity and life on planet earth. Besides these positive projections, 2020 marks the end of the 2011-2020 Strategic plan on Biodiversity and the 2020 Aichi Biodiversity targets, including the UN decade on Biodiversity which serves as a transitional phase for the important start of the topics of biodiversity 2021-2030 UN decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, as well as the UN decade on Ecosystems Restoration. These topics are in par with some of the work being done by the DNM like the research of the quality of the corals and ocean.

These topics also in sync with the recently signed decree for the protection of the 16 areas destined for nature. These areas include nature parks according to the legal definition of a reserved area.

By protecting these areas, the ecosystem gets the opportunity to restore and advance.

The DNM wants to emphasize that our community is part of our nature and not separated components. That is the reason the International Biodiversity Day makes us aware that we are one with nature.

Our actions to help nature can be:

  • Storage of seeds of plants and trees;
  • Make your land available for beehives, as bees are very important as pollinators in the food production;
  • join a nature NGO to voice your concerns with clear intentions;
  • become an active community member by being aware of the laws protecting our nature and biodiversity.

These are just a few examples. For more information on global developments in biodiversity visit, for among others International Biodiversity Day, Biological Diversity Treaty, Cartagena Protocol, and Nagoya Protocol.

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