International Health Regulations conference

ORANJESTAD – On June 13, 2022, the annual IHR (International Health Regulations conference) networking conference in the Caribbean started.

The participants are healthcare professionals and representatives in Aruba, Curacao, Sint Maarten, the Netherlands, and the BES islands. This conference takes place from June 13 to June 17, 2022, in the Ballroom of the Hyatt Place Aruba Airport.

The IHR conference's goal is to share knowledge, and experience, monitor the progress of the implementations of the IHR, and create a dialogue on how to move forward. It will fortify public health and improve the control of transmissible diseases within the Caribbean region.

IHR (International Health Regulations conference) in the Ballroom of the Hyatt Place Aruba Airport.Minister of Tourism and Public Health Dangui Oduber recognizes that the islands have their own identity and culture, but share and deal with similar challenges. In particular, the implementation of international healthcare regulations, and the basic capacity that the islands hope to develop. The Minister believes that the islands can learn a lot from each other by sharing knowledge and expertise.

The Covid pandemic reminded us that we need to prepare adequately for pandemics. The acquired knowledge and expertise during the pandemic is the right opportunity to discuss our strengths and weaknesses and improve the preparations and reactions for other possible pandemics on the islands.

There are plenty of significant subjects on the agenda which will be addressed during the week of the conference and reach a satisfactory conclusion to fortify public health on all the islands. Minister Oduber is sure that the IHR conference will contribute to the four countries' summit, which will take place next week. The Minister thanks the RIVM for organizing the conference. He is also thankful to the public health representatives and experts of the BES islands and the CAS for their assistance and participation.

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