International Maternal Language Day special program.

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ORANJESTAD - In 1993, UNESCO proclaimed February 21 as International Maternal Language Day.

This day aims to preserve linguistic diversity and promote multilingual education based on maternal language. On this date, we stand still and reflect on our maternal language Papiamento. For this reason, the Minister of Culture Xiomara Maduro and Janiro Eisden presented a program called ‘Papiamento tin Poder’ (Papiamento has power). This program aims to protect and stimulate the correct use of our language Papiamento.

Finance and Culture Minister Xiomara Maduro and Janiro “Ataniro” Eisden.For this occasion, Janiro (Ataniro), who in his songs promotes the language Papiamento, spoke to several persons in our community about the power of our language Papiamento.

The Minister of Culture emphasizes that Papiamento is our cultural heritage, is one of the heritages that carries our history, experience, and culture, and is proof of our identity. Our language is essential in the daily communications of everyone. Together we need to promote the correct use of Papiamento in speech and writing.

Through language, we express our sentiments. Papiamento inspires and motivates, and has power.

On February 21, 2023, we celebrate that 20 years ago, Parliament proclaimed Papiamento as the official language in Aruba. Papiamento is the responsibility of all of us. We need to appreciate, love, and protect it for future generations. Let us use this day to reflect on the value of our language Papiamento.

The Minister of Culture invites the entire community to watch "Papiamento tin poder" on TeleAruba on Tuesday, February 21, 2023, at 7:00 pm and 7:30 pm on Channel 22 or 8:00 pm, on DiarioTV.

Minister Maduro is grateful to everyone involved in making this program a reality.

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