Introduction of AZV 5 Wave Model – Local transport of persons with physical limitations or sickness

ORANJESTAD – In connection with the COVID-19 crisis and by demand of the Government of Aruba and the Netherlands, AZV analyzed multiple scenarios and instruments available to meet the 5 million monthly cost reduction.

This lead to the introduction of the AZV 5 wave model.

The AZV 5 Wave model is a package of spending cuts that have been introduced immediately by the AZV. The AZV concluded that the analyzed instruments should meet the 3 criteria called “PID”:

  • It needs to be Practical (should be easy and quick to implement with no exceptions);
  • it needs to be Impactful (Direct impact/influence on costs and health care consumption);
  • it needs to be Directly (is executed immediately or within weeks).

Local Transport

One of the instruments affected is the local transport of persons with physical limitations or sickness. The official changes are effective June 1, 2020, but based on the impact of this instrument, a transitory period was given until June 15, 2020, and is valid until further notice. Only AZV insured who are wheelchair-bound or need to be transported on a stretcher is entitled to the local transport.

AZV insured that are mobile (despite needing auxiliary support) are not entitled to transport paid for by the AZV. Only patients that are hospitalized and patients that are admitted to the hospital again after treatment at the wound clinic or radiotherapy can use the transport (seated, either in a wheelchair, or on a stretcher).

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