Inventory of Aruban Primary Education

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ORANJESTAD - The Department of Education of Aruba (DEA) has the task of integral management for Primary Education for children aged 4 to 12 years.

The DEA is currently in the inventory/analysis phase to formulate a thorough analysis with all stakeholders with a direct or indirect relationship with primary education. It will determine a policy and the conditions to innovate our education responsibly and consider our context based on the results.  

Workshop Inventory of Aruban Primary EducationWorkshop Inventory of Aruban Primary EducationThe inventory and analysis process is essential as they already are implementing the approved policy.

An example is the policy of the Aruban Multilingual School, including the core objectives implementation approved in 2018. They also approved the Multilingual education approach, based on the mother tongue.

They must derive the integral management of primary education from the National Education Plan 2030 (PEN 2030), an already formalized general strategic education management. With the development of integrated management for primary education, they will make a starting memorandum o renew the current laws of preparatory and primary education, which date back to the last century. These laws are one of the conditions for providing quality education. The renewal and development of education laws is a priority for the responsible minister.

Workshop Inventory of Aruban Primary EducationWorkshop Inventory of Aruban Primary EducationThey also follow recommendation 11 from the Aruban and Dutch Education Inspectorate study report.

The DEA will do the inventory through consultation rounds with various education stakeholders, for example, school boards, headmasters, pre-and primary school teachers, and non-governmental and governmental organizations. They will also consult with the children and their parents. The inventory process will begin on February 21, 2023, and continue in subsequent weeks.

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