Invitation to Members of Parliament to be sworn in

ORANJESTAD - On Thursday, July 8, 2021, at 10:00 a.m., the Governor of Aruba, His Excellency Alfonso Boekhoudt, will swear in newly elected members of Parliament in the meeting room of Parliament.

Today, Parliament has examined the credentials of the persons elected as members of Parliament. This examination involves the Parliament verifying that an elected member meets the requirements for membership of Parliament. In addition, a member may not hold any office that conflicts with the membership of Parliament. After the verification of the credentials, the Parliament decided today to admit all 21 elected Parliament members as members.

Pursuant to the Electoral Ordinance, the Governor calls the admitted Members of Parliament to take the oath of office. Today, 20  Members of Parliament received a written summons from the Governor to take the oath tomorrow at 10:00 am. One Member of Parliament has not yet been called by the Governor to take the oath. This Member of Parliament is currently in police custody at the Correctional Institute Aruba (KIA), which means he cannot fulfill his duties as a Member of Parliament at this moment. Once the Member of Parliament is able to do so, the Governor will summon him to take the oath. This Member of Parliament was informed of this in writing by the Governor today.

The State Regulation stipulates that the Governor sworn in the members of Parliament. The Member of Parliament are directly elected by the residents of Aruba who have the Dutch nationality and are eighteen years of age or older. The Member of Parliament who is currently in pre-trial detention at the KIA was elected on June 25 by residents of Aruba who exercised their right to vote. Thereafter, he was admitted by the States as a Member of Parliament.

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