It is essential to prepare professionals and students for the Hydrogen sector.

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 28-03-2023.

ORANJESTAD - Recently, the Minister of Labor, Energy, and Integration, Mr. Glenbert Croes, and his delegation traveled to the Netherlands with a mission and commitment to building the Aruba Hydrogen Valley.

The energy valley should become a new development for the entire refinery area. In the Netherlands, Minister Croes and his delegation received the support of the Arubahuis, the state-owned companies of the Netherlands, and Mr. Patrick Cnubben, in charge of Hydrogen development.

Minister Glenbert Croes during a meeting with Minister Plenipotentiary Ady Thijsen in the Aruba House in The Hague.The following step would be the education process to prepare Aruba's state companies and people for this new development in Aruba. According to Minister Croes, it is an opportunity for the future of Aruba and the next generations.

On the last day of the business trip in the Netherlands, the Minister met with the Plenipotentiary Minister, Mr. Ady Thijsen, at the Arubahuis in The Hague. During this meeting, they discussed several aspects of the Hydrogen Valley plan in Aruba with the desired support from the Dutch Government, Brussels, and the possibility of a partnership from the Netherlands with Spain to build the Aruba Hydrogen Valley, as soon as possible. They also addressed the urgency since 30 months from now the use of heavy fuel for energy generation will stop and switch to liquid nitrogen gas, which is natural gas.

The Minister of Labor, Energy, and Integration, Mr. Glenbert Croes, and his delegation during their visit  to the Netherlands.The Arubahuis and the Government of the Netherlands will assist the Aruban government with the needed support to finalize the preparations for the execution of the Eagle LNG project. In addition, they also addressed the topic of the students from Aruba. Minister Croes believes our students require guidance, particularly with the new development heading to Aruba. Before moving to the Netherlands, they should orientate on studies in other areas not directly related to tourism. 

They agreed to introduce a "students labor market guidance" at the Arubahuis to help students who are completing higher education to convince them to move back to Aruba.

The government wishes for all professionals and those who completed their studies to have a career in Aruba. The Arubahuis will also serve as a bridge between the Netherlands and Aruba.

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