January 4 Covid-19 update

ORANJESTAD - On January 4, 2021, the Prime Minister of Aruba gave an update on the amount of active Covid19 cases. There are currently 339 active cases in Aruba, 305 are residents and 34 nonresidents.

Since the peak in September 2020, the average active cases was between 100 and 200 cases. It has now surged to over 300 active cases. So far it is still manageable, but the number of cases is increasing. The daily average of positive cases during December 2020 is as follows; three weeks ago the daily average was 12, 16, and 20 cases.

Remarkable is that the daily cases have increased to 35 cases, a preoccupying development. The “positive rate” which is the percentage of the positive test results compared to the number of people tested, also increased. Three weeks ago, the positivity rate was a mere 10%, while in two weeks it saw a slight increase to 15%, and last week it jumped to 27% and respectively to 45%.

This is a very drastic increase which is a reason for concern.

Another reason for concern is the number of patients hospitalized. There are currently 12 Covid patients hospitalized, 8 in the Covid-19 section and 4 in the Intensive Care Unit. Aruba’s hospital can deal with more cases, but can not afford to reach the maximum capacity as this can halt all other treatments and or surgeries. “The situation in Aruba is not alarming yet, compared to other countries. In Colombia, cases have gone out of control leading to an overloaded ICU which resulted in about 100 patients being rejected medical care in the ICU. This was the reason for the Colombian authorities to introduce a 10-day lockdown. Aruba is not in the same situation yet but we need to be concerned.

Update COVID-19 cases January 5, 2020That’s why the government took these measures. The measures are necessary to guarantee your health and that of your loved ones. The more we comply, the faster we can suspend the restrictions and the quicker we can recover”, the Prime Minister stated.


Update January 5, 2021

On Tuesday January 5, 2021, 19 people recovered and 110 new COVID-19 cases have been reported, of which 109 are residents and 1 is non-resident. 892 tests have been conducted and the positivity rate among residents is currently at an average of 34%.

The number of active cases is now 429, whereas the  number of deaths has risen to 50. Currently, 13 Covid-19 patients are in the hospital, of which five are in the ICU and 8 in the Covid-19 ward.

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