Joselin Croes is the next director of Arubahuis

ORANJESTAD - Recently, Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes announced that as of December 1, 2023, Mrs. Joselin Croes will be the new director at Arubahuis.

Arubahuis represents Aruba in the Netherlands, and the government's mission for Arubahuis is to have a presence for Aruba in the Netherlands, within the Kingdom, and in Europe. To achieve this, Aruba has its Plenipotentiary Minister, Mr. Ady Thijsen, and now a new director, Mrs. Joselin Croes.

Joselin Croes is the next director of Arubahuis In June 2022, the government opened the vacancy for the Director of Arubahuis. A committee consisting of the Department of Human Resources, the Tax Department, and a representative from the Ministry of General Affairs screened 23 candidates and selected three preliminary candidates based on various criteria for the final interview of the three candidates. Ultimately, Mr. Joselin Croes proved to be the best-qualified candidate for the position at Arubahuis. In October 2022, the committee approached Prime Minister Wever-Croes, who is in charge of Arubahuis, to submit this proposal, and in February 2023, the Council of Ministers approved this appointment. Subsequently, further investigations were carried out, including one by the VDA, which also turned out positive for the candidate.

Currently, Mrs. Joselin Croes serves as Aruba's Plenipotentiary Minister in Washington. Over the past five years, Mrs. Croes has worked hard to promote and create opportunities for Aruba and Aruans in the United States in economic, innovative, cultural, educational, and diplomatic areas. One of Mrs. Croes' main goals was to strengthen the ties between Aruba and the United States and Canada and to make the most of this.

Before working in Washington, Mrs. Croes was the Chief of Staff of the Minister of Justice, and before that, she had her own law office. In addition to being a lawyer, she now holds a Master's Degree in Environmental Management. Mrs. Croes is known for her determination, positivity, passion, and discipline to achieve her goals. She is fluent in four languages and  desires to learn more languages and cultures from other countries.

The government thanks Mrs. Glenda Hernandes, who took on the role of interim director for a longer-than-expected period. Mrs. Hernandes brought stability and tranquility to Arubahuis, and the government is grateful for her efforts.

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