Kill cage will be eliminated substituted with a dog shelter

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 27-07-2019.

ORANJESTAD – The national plan to address the problem of stray dogs finally came to fruition.

Dr. Dellanire Maduro, Prime Minister Mrs. mr. Evelyn Wever-Croes and dr. Irene Croes, Acting Head Veterinaire Dienst.After the introduction of the dog ordinance five years ago, now there is a concrete policy to deal with stray dogs. The kill cage will be eliminated and a dog act shelter will be created. This policy will also be accompanied with sterilization campaigns, but primarily with awareness campaigns for dog owners to know their responsibility as caretakers of their dogs.

National Plan to eliminate kill cage strays.Before you decide to get a dog or puppy or any house pets, you must realize that it carries a lot of responsibility, among other: Adequate food, vet care, costs regarding population control of strays (sterilize or neuter). If you know beforehand that you do not have enough time to adequately take care of a dog, the responsible decision is not to have one. 

The way animals are killed in the kill cage is very unacceptable. Some people will say that there are other topics that require priority right now on our island. This is true; however, we can no longer tolerate the cruel way the kill cage operates.

Meeting on National plan to deal with stray dogs.Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes cited the quote of the great Mahatma Gandhi, who once said, “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated”.

Prime Minister expresses her thanks to Irene Croes and Dellanire Maduro who worked hard for the plan to be completed. The Prime Minister also thanks the Ministers Dangui Oduber, Andin Bikker and Otmar Oduber for their cooperation in the foregoing.

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