Labor Force Survey 2021

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ORANJESTAD - On November 1, 2021, the Department of Labor and Research (DAO), the Central Office of Statistics (CBS), and the Central Bank of Aruba (CBA) will organize the 11th Labor Force Survey (EFL2021).

The objective of the EFL 2021 is to get an overview of the labor market in Aruba.

One of the main objectives is to measure unemployment in Aruba. The gathered information will determine other essential characteristics and indicators of the labor market for a more in-depth analysis. These entail the participation grade and the education level of the employees. The data and trends will serve those who determine policies like the Government, researchers, and entrepreneurs who use this to improve or refine labor market policies.

 How can you help?

EFL 2021 is online and by phone, similar to the Censo2020.

For the EFL2021, they chose a sample of random addresses from around Aruba that participated in the Censo2020 and stated that they wish to continue collaborating with the CBS in future research. This group will receive an email from CBS during this week containing the research information. On November 1, 2021, they will receive the link to complete the questionnaire online. The questionnaire has basic questions for everyone in the household, but most questions are for persons older than 15 years. According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), only individuals older than 15 years are considered the country's labor force. The organizers urge everyone older than 15 years that is approached to take part in this survey, to complete the online questionnaire and or answer all the questions by phone.

The Labor Force Poll will provide an overview of the labor status of everyone older than 15 years of age, either employed or unemployed or non-active in the labor market.

Labor Force Survey 2021

A Helpline is available to answer all questions by phone, including assistance with the completion of the questionnaire. The helpline will be available from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm - 8:00 pm and during the weekend from 12:00 pm to 06:00 pm on +297 5247433 (ask for the team of the EFL 2021).

In the event the phone line is busy please insist and try again until connected with a clerk. Or send an email to with your questions or to request an appointment to complete the questionnaire by phone.


All information will be processed anonymously and will only publish as an annex. Your privacy is guaranteed by DAO, CBS, and CBA.

Your information will help create a better view of the development of the labor market in Aruba.

That is why your contribution to the EFL 2021 is essential.

We are grateful for your participation in the EFL 2021. For more information about this Labor Force Poll 2021, please contact the CBS at 524 7433 starting November 1, 2021.

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