Landspakket (national aid package) – healthcare sector

ORANJESTAD – The Landspakket (national support package), which the Government signed with the Netherlands, contains multiple action points that were agreed upon.

For healthcare, various action points have been agreed with which the Ministry of Healthcare must comply.

The agreement in the Landspakket for Healthcare contains three components:

1) Actions to manage and contain the Covid19 virus:

Topics of the Implementation Agenda of the financial aid package February 1 – April 2021 All required instruments should be in place to prevent and contain the spreading of the Covid19 virus in Aruba. These include: 

  • Maintain the ICU capacity, which includes the additional AMI Expeditionary Healthcare personnel in the Hospital,
  • Introduction of the symptom alertness (zero-prevalence research),  
  • Maintain an intensive Contact Tracing Unit,
  • Strengthens the capacity of Public Health,
  • Intensify control and expand test capacity at the airport,
  • Develop stricter controls at the border,
  • Maintain awareness campaign, information, and contact centers (call centers), etc.

Agreements were also made regarding the vaccination campaign such as preparations of all vaccination materials and storage equipment as indicated by the quality protocols and the support in the vaccination program. Aruba can count on technical assistance from the Netherlands if needed. RIVM inspected and supervised all of these equipment and material. 

Cover Implementation plan national package (Uitvoeringsagenda landspakket) February 1 – April 1, 20212) The objective for the countries within the Dutch Kingdom to work closer together in the healthcare field, especially by intensifying the cooperation between hospitals within the Kingdom. The objective of this cooperation is to make healthcare on the islands more sustainable and to increase efficiency and quality.

In the meantime, some hospitals are already in a more advanced stage of this cooperation and some hospitals within the Kingdom have already agreed to achieve this cooperation. 

3) The last action point refers to an ongoing investigation to define the concept of “basic care” in Aruba. This should define the necessary care that the Aruban community can count on concerning the clinical needs of the people. The results will form the foundation for the healthcare cooperation within the Kingdom, as indicated in the second point, to incorporate and share to reach efficiency and effectivity of the medical field within the Kingdom. 

The investigation started in January 2021 and is being carried out by Professor J. Hubben (a healthcare expert with extensive knowledge of the healthcare system in Aruba). In the meantime, the Government has also instituted a National Healthcare Commission to help come up with propositions to implement the instruments in the healthcare system as agreed with the Netherlands. This will also help with the discussion on the healthcare reforms more acceptably and responsibly while maintaining the quality of healthcare in Aruba and reaching a more sustainable AZV insurance. 

More information is available under the “F” theme section regarding healthcare in the Execution Agenda of the Landspakket for the first quarter of 2021.

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