Lecture about performance Art and live performance at the BNA

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ORANJESTAD - On the 15th of October 2019, a public event will be held at the Library of Aruba where art historian Ana Maria Hernandez will introduce Performance Art.

During this event, local artist Natusha Croes, will perform live and have a presentation about performance art.

Local artist Natusha Croes, during rehearsalsAccording to history, visual art has progressed thanks to artists who pushed their limits and searched for new forms of expression. One of the biggest evolution in contemporary visual art is Performance Art. In Performance Art, the artist uses its own body as an expression tool.

Plataforma Aruba has invited visual artist Natusha Croes to perform for the Aruban community and to talk about the important role that Performance Art plays in her artistic expression.

This event is an incentive of Plataforma Aruba and is part of the Contemporary Art project of the Library and sponsored by UNOCA.

Plataforma Aruba is a non-profit organization that creates activities and projects for the Aruba community. The projects combine visual contemporary art and education and are a cooperation between the local and international sector.

For more information please contact Fundacion Plataforma Aruba:
Phone: +297 56318 33
E-mail: office@plataformaruba.org

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